Board of Directors


Darren Sherbot

President & Chair

The President, along with the Vice President, is responsible for implementing VAFC’s philosophy and vision in a fiscally responsible, sustainable and prudent manner. The President, along with the rest of the directors, is responsible for acting at all times in the best interests of VAFC.

The President is responsible for chairing VAFC meetings as well as providing leadership and direction for the board of directors and other club volunteers and officials. The President is an ex-officio member of all board committees.


Alex Burton

Vice President

The Vice President shares the responsibilities of the President for effectively implementing VAFC’s philosophy and vision in a fiscally responsible, sustainable and prudent manner.

The Vice President along with the President, will manage VAFC’s interaction with outside soccer organizations such as the Vancouver Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) and B.C. Soccer.

In the Presidents absence the Vice President is responsible for chairing VAFC meetings. The Vice President is an ex-officio member of all board committees.


Phil Di Tomaso

Secretary & Corporate Records

The Board Secretary -Director of Corporate Records is responsible for outgoing correspondence on behalf of the Board as a whole, as well as documenting the decisions the Board makes at its meetings.

The Secretary will also coordinate the Annual General Meeting process.


a) Timely preparation, storage and distribution of Board Minutes.

b) Liaising with law firm for long-term storage of Registry documents (Charter,by-laws AGM minutes, Society filings).

c) Documenting the outcome of votes taken at Board meetings and Annual General Meetings.

d) Preparing outside correspondence arising from business at Board meetings, where requested.

e) Filing Society Annual Reports with BC Registry.

f) Preparing and collating various departmental reports in preparation for the Annual General Meeting.

g) Documenting attendance at Annual General Meeting to ensure a quorum and compliance with regulations.

h) Timely preparation, storage and distribution of Annual General Meeting Minutes.

i) Working with the Director of Finance, Administrator and Registrar to prepare application for Gaming Grant.


Ian Druce


The Treasurer -Director of Finance is responsible for budgeting, financial statements, management of accounts, accounts receivable and payable and management of employee contracts.


a) Preparation of annual budget.

b) Management of annual inventory list.

c) Management and updating of annual bank records including signing officers.

d) Management of book keeping and general accounting for club, including management of:

  • bankaccounts
  • accounts receivable (liaison with Registrar)
  • accounts payable
  • bookkeeping for player development

e) Management of investment of excess funds in bank account.

f) Preparation of year-end financials and information, liaison with accountant for processing of tax returns.

g) Management of employee and third party contracts.

h) Management of purchasing process, to liaison with Director of Equipment.

i) Assistance with processing annual Gaming Grant, liaison with Director of Fundraising.



Risk Management & Policy

The Director of Risk Management and Club Policy is responsible for developing, updating and periodically reviewing club policies on a range of issues, including risk and liability management as well as soccer operations.


a) Criminal record check management.

b) Development, maintenance and review of:

  • Comprehensive risk management policies (player health and safety) as per B.C. Soccer and VAFC by law requirements.
  • Board policies (playing up, purchasing protocols, conflict resolution, player,official and
    parent codes of conduct,etc.)

c) Address new policy issues as they arise.


Chris Ko


The Director of Fundraising, Sponsorship and Financial Aid is responsible for helping to formulate fundraising, sponsorship and financial aid policies for VAFC ,as well as implementing day-to-day management of these policies.


a) Completing and submitting gaming grant applications in a timely fashion.

b) Canvassing and determining appropriate corporate and community sponsorship and fundraising programs for VAFC and coordinating application for funding.

c) Developing internal financial aid programs for players in need.

d) Coordinating with third party financial aid programs for players in need.

e) Assist in communicating with members about financial aid opportunities.

f) Generating new ideas and opportunities to increase fundraising revenue.

g) Communication with sponsors and donors.

h) Day-to-day management of fundraising, sponsorship and financial aid programs at VAFC.


Kevin Shoesmith

Communication & Media/IT

The Director of Communications & Events is responsible for articulating and communicating VAFC’s organizational philosophy and vision to members and third parties, as well as communicating day-to-day soccer operations and team news.


a) Ensure time-sensitive information about club operations is communicated to members in a timely fashion.

b) Generates and manages editorial content of VAFC website, other social media and direct-to member communications,such as:

  • Newsletters
  • Notification of meetings, player development schedule, club events, coaching and refereeing clinics, team photos, volunteer appreciation events, field status updates, etc.

c) Management and updating of website content.

d) Works with others to develop and implement a communications strategy for the club, through various media (websites,social media,advertising,newsletters,e-..mail,etc.).

e) Manages press releases if requirement and media contacts.


Hitesh Chauhan

Director of Equipment & Purchasing

The Director of Equipment, Clubwear & Purchasing is responsible for management of VAFC’s inventory of soccer equipment as well as sourcing and ordering new and replacement equipment.


a) Tracking equipment inventory.

b) Maintenance of equipment at VAFC storage facility.

c) Sourcing and purchasing new equipment and uniforms.

d) Distribution and collection of equipment and uniforms to teams and for player development.

e) Maintaining favourable supplier relationships.

f) Set-up and management of club wear program.


Joan Harvie

Player Registration

The primary responsibility of the Registrar-Director of Player Registration is to ensure that all VAFC players, team officials,volunteers and events are recorded and reported as required to VYSA and,through VYSA, to the B.C. Soccer Association.


a) Act as main point of contact with VYSA Registrar.

b) File team affiliations, player registrations, and other event participation information according to dates and rules set byVYSA.

c) Ensure that all players provide proper documentation (e.g.birth certificates) as required, and that all team officials and other club volunteers have up-to-date criminal record checks in place.

d) Ensure that player ID cards are created and validated by the deadline.

e) Monitor player payment status to ensure collection of all registration fees.

f) Select and manage the on-line registration system, including acting as the main contact with the software provider (except for technical aspects of the system).

g) Create documentation and provide training for use of the on-line system, as required.

h) Coordinate with other directors and VAFC volunteers as follows:

  • Works with Club administrator and technic al director extensively around major reporting deadlines.
  • Works closely with Treasurer around registration payments and monthly reporting from the registration system.
  • Takes direction from Director of Player, Coach and Referee Development around any non-regular-season events that require registrations and management.
  • Supports other Club directors and volunteers to the extent that their tasks make use of (or need) the registration system.
  • Works with Director of Risk Management for monitoring and completion of criminal record checks.
  • Works with Director of Technology for technical aspects of the registration system.

Stew Woolverton

Divisional Operations

To be defined.


Andrew MacFarlane

Player, Coach, Ref Development

To be defined.