How VAFC Assessments Work

The VAFC assessment process is designed to ensure that young players are matched with teams made of similarly skilled players. Players who train, practice, and play games with players who are at the same level with respect to skill and gamesmanship tend to flourish when they’re matched with those who play at the same level.

The assessment process takes place over the duration of the season and is comprised of three elements:

1. Individual Coaches' Assessments

Throughout the year, coaches are asked to look at a myriad of aspects of a player: skill, enthusiasm for the game, willingness to learn, sportsmanship, etc. Assessed within the team dynamic, a report is sent to the league's techincal director and head coach.

2. Technical Director's Assessment

Again, throughout the year, Steve Weston, the technical director, watches games in each league and division and makes assessments of players' progress as the season unfolds. This gives him a good overview of how players perform under normal game conditions.

3. Assessment Day

Each year, coinciding with the end of the regular season, the VAFC hosts a series of assessments for all players regardless of their current placement. VAFC coaches assess each player in a series of skills drills. All elements -- 1,2, and 3 -- combine to determine a players team placement.

What happens on assessment day

On the date of your age group assessments, players arrive at the designated field, sign in with an administrator, and are divided into groups. Those groups then work with a designated assessment coach and play small sided games or run through a series of fun drills to determine their current skill level.

While the environment is a relatively structured one, assessment sessions are fun and give players valuable assessment experience.

Assessment times & locations

All times and locations are listed on the assessments schedule page.

Requirements for assessment day

  • Players MUST be registered before taking part in assessments [VAFC Registration]
  • All U11, U12, and new players need to provide proof of age and only the following forms of government-issued ID are acceptable:
    • Canadian Birth Certificate
    • Canadian Passport
    • Permanent Residence Card (photocopy of both sides needed)
  • Players must arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of assessments start to check in

Following the assessments

Within a week of your final assessment sessions, players will receive an email offering them a spot at a level of play (e.g. gold, silver, or bronze). Players have 4 days to accept the invitation. If the spot is accepted, only then will registration fees will be charged to your credit card.

We hope to have teams finalized within 1-2 weeks of placement offers being accepted.

Additional information for players born 2008

All 2008 born players will move from House League to Divisional play for the 2018/2019 season, we understand that this can be a very confusing and nervous time for both players and parents. We will be setting up a meeting to go through any questions and concerns with parents who would like to discuss the changes between House and Divisional play and the details for this will be forwarded as soon as we have the final room details.

In the meantime we have put together a document to answer some of your questions and describe the high level process for evaluations. [Download PDF]