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Divisional Girls


Games Feb 11th

There are no BCCGSL games this weekend only VYSA 8 Aside

Age Level VAFC Team Opponent Location Time
U12 SA Sun Bears Away CAUFC Inferno
U12 SA Timberwolves Home BGSC Spartans Trillium East North 8:30
U12 SA Snow Leopards Away VUFC Thunderbirds Jericho South 9:15
U12 SB Magic Home CAUFC Divas Trillium West North 8:30
U12 SB Tagulan FC Away VUFC Aces Jericho South 11:45
U11 G Lightning Strikers Away CAUFC Predators
U11 G Hurricanes Home Squamish United Trillium East North 12:00
U11 SA Thunderbolts Away BGSC Blazers Burnaby Heights Park 2:30
U11 SA Warriors Home VUFC Phoenix Trillium East South 12:00
U11 SA Fire Bolts Away KIL Griffins Bobolink S 9:00
U11 SA Crushers Home BGSC Rangers Trillium East North 1:15
U11 SB Blue Dolphins Away WVSC Flamingos Ambelside D AT South 8:30
U11 SB Rainbow Lightning Home RCYSC New West Rovers Trillium East South 1:15

Field duties:

Trillium East North: U12 Timberwolves on early set up & take down. U11 Hurricanes set up in the afternoon and U11 Crushers take down.

Trillium West North: U12 Magic set up & take down

Trillium East South: U11 Warriors set up & U11 Rainbow Lightning take down



Divisional Boys

U11-U18 BC Coastal Soccer Schedules

Feb 10th Games

Age Home Team Opposition Location Time Date
U18 Rangers Visitor VUFC Vikings University Hill 1600 Saturday
U18 Diablo Home VUFC Devils Van Tech turf 1200 Saturday
U18 Wolves Home NVF Grizzlies Trillium East 1815 Saturday
U17 Liberos Visitor NCU Hammers TBA TBA TBA
U17 Titans Home RCY Cyclones Empire North 1815 Saturday
U16 Lightning Visitor CMF Dinamo TBA TBA TBA
U16 Spartans Visitor NCU Eagles TBA TBA TBA
U16 Rebels Home SBM Average Joes Van Tech turf 1015 Saturday
U16 Impact Home VUFC Jags Van Tech turf 1400 Saturday
U15 Dynamo Visitor WVA United Ambleside E turf 1200 Saturday
U15 Santos Visitor PMSC Tigers North Shore turf 1230 Saturday
U14 Savage Visitor CMF Cobras TBA TBA TBA
U14 Tornado Visitor VUFC Demons Point Grey turf 1045 Saturday
U14 Wolverines Home KLM Pacers Empire South 830 Saturday
U14 Devils Visitor RCY Wolves Queens Park East 845 Saturday
U14 Avalanche Visitor PMSC Golden Strikers North Shore turf 1045 Saturday
U14 Lightning Bolts Home VUFC Timberwolves Van Tech turf 830 Saturday
U13 Thunder Home WBN Galaxy Empire South 1015 Saturday
U13 Anfield All Stars Visitor VUFC Dynamo UBC Warren Field 1245 Saturday
U13 Silverados Home CMF Valencia Andy Livingstone East 1600 Saturday
U13 Galacticos Visitor WVA Strikers Ambleside B turf 1130 Saturday
U13 Snipers Home NVF Algeria Andy Livingstone East 1730 Saturday
U12 Vikings Home RCH United Trillium SE 915 Saturday
U12 Stingrays Visitor WVA Spuraways Red Ambleside F East 1130 Saturday
U12 Rapids Home RCH Selects Trillium SE 1030 Saturday
U12 Hawks Home SQU United FC06 Trillium NE 1030 Saturday
U12 Ospreys Visitor NVF Flames06 Confederation East 915 Saturday
U12 Silver Storm Visitor RCH Stars Minoru 3 East 900 Saturday
U12 Slammers Home KIL Bayern Douglas Park East 1100 Saturday
U12 Panthers FC Home VAFC Blue Thunder Douglas Park East 830 Saturday
U12 Blue Thunder Visitor VAFC Panthers FC Douglas Park East 830 Saturday
U11 Renegades Home VAFC Hornets Trillium SE 800 Saturday
U11 Hornets Visitor VAFC Renegades Trillium SE 800 Saturday
U11 Cosmos Home VUFC Jeffy Destroyers Trillium NE 800 Saturday
U11 Dragon Hunters Visitor KIL Vultures Bobolink Park South 900 Saturday
U11 Royal Nightmares Home VAFC Silver Renegades Douglas Park East 945 Saturday
U11 Silver Renegades Visitor VAFC Royal Nightmares Douglas Park East 945 Saturday
U11 Predators Home VUFC Timbers Douglas Park East 1215 Saturday
U11 Cougars Visitor RCH Silver Lightning Minoru 2 East 900 Saturday
U11 Rockets Visitor VUFC Barracudas Jericho South turf 1145 Saturday
U11 Chargers Home VUFC Grizzlies Douglas Park East 1330 Saturday
U11 Liverpool Astros Home KLM Kickers Douglas Park East 1445 Saturday
U6-U10: House Leagues

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