Additional Registration Information

House & Divisional League registration

Registration is done online through our Registration page on the club’s website. We accept credit cards online, and can also accept cheques or money orders.

To pay by cheque, or if you require financial assistance with the cost of registration, please contact our club administrator at

How registration works & what to expect

Depending on whether you’re registering your young player for House League play or Divisional League play, the process is the same but what happens after that is slightly different.

House Leagues

House leagues in the VAFC are for players aged Under 5 to Under 10 (ages 4 to 9).

If you’ve registered your young player for house league, you’ll be given the option to choose Douglas Park Soccer Club, Grandview Legion Football Club, and Vancouver Girls Soccer Club. The difference between these in-house leagues, other than that Vancouver Girls is exclusively for girls, is merely the location where they play week to week. Note that Grandview Legion Football Club is a boys league except for Under 5 which is co-ed. When the VAFC formed, it merged several smaller local clubs from various areas of Vancouver. The names of those leagues are still used to name our house leagues today.

Once you’ve registered your player, you’ll be advised as to when you’ll hear from the coaches. This is typically 2 to 4 weeks before the season starts in mid-September.

Divisional Leagues

Those players, (boys and girls) who are older than 9 years old (U11 and above), undergo assessments to ensure they’re placed on a team with players of similar skill level. The assessment process is three-fold and you can read about that here.

Once the players have been placed on a team in the spring (April or May each year), they’ll be contacted shortly thereafter by their coaches who may wish to start training in the weeks or months leading up to the start of the season in the fall. Each team’s coaches take it upon themselves to kick off the season in whenever they choose, usually sometime during the summer.

Updating your account profile & printing receipts

If you need to update anything about your player’s profile such as address, contact email or phone, or if you just need to reprint a receipt for tax purposes, please go our Registration system, scroll to the bottom of the page and log in to our online registration system. You can update all relevant information there.