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The Vancouver Athletic Football Club

VAFC creates a supportive environment to learn and play soccer while promoting the values of fair play and skill development. The club’s approach emphasizes development of individual and team skills, dedication to practice and self-improvement, commitment to team and club and the values of sportsmanship, fair play, inclusiveness, diversity and respect. Ultimately, VAFC seeks to promote a lifelong involvement in soccer based on the notion that playing the game is fun.

Field Statuses

Field Closure Update. 

Parks Board have confirmed that the following fields are closed:

Park Name Site Area Status Notes
Adanac Park NW Closed Summer field
Adanac Park Summer Closed Summer East West Configuration 1 Field
Adanac Park SW Closed
Balaclava Park Oval Closed Summer field only, saturated conditions
Beaconsfield Park SE Closed saturated and closed maintenance/Repair .
Beaconsfield Park SW Closed Saturated and closed maintainace/ Repair.
Bobolink Park NW Closed
Bobolink Park SE Closed
Bobolink Park SW Closed Closed until April 2017 due to chafer damage repai
Braemar Park C Closed
Brewers Park C Closed
Brockton Lower Closed Cricket Only
Brockton SW Closed
Brockton Upper Closed Cricket Only
Brockton Oval Oval Closed
Chaldecott Park NW Closed closed for renovations
Chaldecott Park SW Closed closed due to vehicle damage
Champlain Heights Park C Closed
Charleson Park C Closed
Clark Park C Closed
Clinton Park NW Closed
Clinton Park SW Closed
Collingwood Park C Closed
Columbia Park N Closed
Columbia Park S Closed
Connaught Park E Closed
Connaught Park NW Closed
Connaught Park SE Closed
David Lam Park C Closed
Douglas Park NE Closed
Douglas Park NW Closed
Douglas Park SE Closed
Douglas Park SW Closed
Earles Park C Closed
Elm Park C Closed
Eric Hamber AT Closed Artificial Turf Field
Falaise – mid SE Closed
Falaise Park N Closed
Fraser River Park C Closed
Fraserview Park C Closed
Garden Park C Closed Renovation
Gaston Park S Closed
General Brock Park N Closed
George Park C Closed
Gordon Park NE Closed
Gordon Park NW Closed
Gordon Park SE Closed
Gordon Park SW Closed
Hastings Community E Closed Ball Diamond
Hillcrest Park AT Closed
Hillcrest Park Centre Closed Beside change rooms due to drainge project.
Hillcrest Park Dimmont Closed
Hillcrest Park Midlothian Closed
Hillcrest Park Peveril Closed
Jericho Beach Park Hostel Closed Flooded on NW corner
Jericho Beach Park N Closed
John Hendry (Trout Lake) Park NE Closed
John Hendry (Trout Lake) Park NW Closed
John Hendry (Trout Lake) Park SE Closed
Jones Park C Closed Saturated – Summer only Field
Kensington Park NW Closed
Kensington Park SE Closed
Killarney Park Oval Closed For Repairs until 2017
Kingcrest Park C Closed Due to damage / saturation
MacLean Park C Closed
Maple Grove Park W Closed
McBride Park C Closed saturated conditions
McSpadden Park C Closed
Memorial South Park NE Closed
Memorial South Park NW Closed
Memorial South Park Oval Closed
Memorial South Park SE Closed
Memorial South Park SW Closed Artificial Turf Field
Moberly Park N Closed
Moberly Park S Closed Vandalism
Montgomery Park E Closed Saturated
Montgomery Park W Closed
Musqueam Park E Closed Closed for renovations
Musqueam Park W Closed Closed for renovations
Nanaimo Park E Closed
Nanaimo Park W Closed
New Brighton Park N Closed Summer Field
Norquay Park S Closed
Oak Park E Closed
Oak Park W Closed Saturated
Prince Edward Park C Closed Summer Field
Prince of Wales Park C Closed Summer Field Only
Quilchena Park SE Closed
Renfrew Community Park C Closed
Riley Park C Closed
Robson Park C Closed Summer Field
Ross Park C Closed
Rupert Park S Closed
Slocan Park C Closed
Slocan Park SW Closed
Sparwood Park C Closed
Strathcona Park EC Closed
Strathcona Park Oval Closed Summer Field
Strathcona Park W Closed Closed for Reno.
Sunrise Park C Closed
Sunset Henderson C Closed
Templeton Park N Closed
Tisdall Park C Closed
Tisdall Park N Closed
Tisdall Park S Closed
Trafalgar Park E Closed
Trafalgar Park NW Closed
Winona Park N Closed
Woodland Park N Closed
Woodland Park S Closed

All other fields remain open.

The following Gravel alternates are also closed:

Trout Lake


Edith Cavell

General Wolf

Updated Friday, January 20, 2017

Closures map

Calendar: Upcoming Events

  • October – December 2016: VAFC Player Development
  • November 19: Extra Photo Session [Details]